LOST ARK Verified Security Account(30days recharge)

lost ark security account is able to do re-verify but you have to do recharge every 30days. Account will be sold to other player once you stop recharge

NOTE:This account is able to re-verify (100% success)

but you have to pay renewal fee every 30days.

Renewal 30days place order (do renew 3days before time expired)at http://newgameway.com/renew-lost-ark-verified-security-account-30days

*Do not change password.

If account was locked  in the future, Just place order at http://newgameway.com/lost-ark-verified-security-account-unlock


  Buy cash shop points at http://www.newgameway.com/lost-ark-cash-shop-points



1. In order to use this account ,You have to recharge every 30days.  

example :your buy account on this month 10th, you should pay renewal on every month's 7th!

renew price is the same as account's price.

once you do not renew.. Account will be taken back by ID owner and sell to other player .

3. In the future, If onstove.com requires your account re-verify,  we charge 3USD to unlock .

4.  Account once delivered , Do not refund !

5. Account banned because bot, Do not refund!



* We will send Account to your order page , 


guide :http://www.newgameway.com/faq/all


*when you login game site , If it say password wrong . do not try again over than 10 times otherwise account will be blocked. Clean browser cookies try again. 

*After you create character, it will ask you set the secondary password (6-8 digits,)  do not forget what number you set .

ONCE IT LOCKED, we can not do rest .



* If you login to get this erro, it means game server Congestion or maintenance.  Try login later

 * if you get this erro screen .  try click "GAMESTART" from game site http://lostark.game.onstove.com/



ANY OTHER  trouble to login Lost ark game .


contact Email: [email protected]


Email 's Title write ( lost ark account can not login) , Description include 3 things :


1. order number of newgameway


2. Game ID, Password ( did you change password or not ?)


3. what erro on your computer? send the erro 's screen shot !


NewGameWay team will check your game account and fix it quickly



Game offical website: http://lostark.game.onstove.com/

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This item for security recharge 30 day account re-verify. general account can not do 100% unlock ! but we would like to try


LOST ARK KOREA Game offical website: http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ You should use KR VPN or Proxies to connect .

Melon Account(permanent ) and MELONSTREAMING PASS

Melon is a South Korean online music store. Only verified MelOn account can buy plan to listen and download songs. So if you want to download and listen songs on Melon . melon Official website: http://www.melon.com/ NewGameWay sell this MELON Account with 30days listen or download pakcage. Account is permanent. Pay at one time . Account will not be taken back  !


LOST ARK Korea Phone Verified Account( general) SOME ACCOUNTS NEED RE-VERIFY ON NOV.12