LOST ARK Verified Security Account(30days recharge)

lost ark security account is able to do re-verify but you have to do recharge every 30days. Account will be sold to other player once you stop recharge

NEWS: Account instock ! Deliver Instantly !

 If this account need  re-verify in the future. 

Just place order at http://newgameway.com/lost-ark-verified-security-account-unlock

we will unlock your account .but the time will take1- 3days around to complete re-verify !


1. In order to use this account ,You have to recharge every 30days.  

example :the first use time is NOV 7TH- DEC 7TH, you should recharge before DEC 7TH .so that you can use account till Jan 7th ..

RECHARGE :we will make a new product for this account renew before Dec.7th . 

renew price is the same as account's price.

once you do not renew.. Account will be taken back by ID owner and sell to other player .

3. In the future, If onstove.com requires your account re-verify,  we charge 3USD to unlock .

4.  Account once delivered , Do not refund !



* We will send Account to your order page , 


guide :http://www.newgameway.com/faq/all


*when you login game site , If it say password wrong . do not try again over than 10 times otherwise account will be blocked. Clean browser cookies try again. 

*After you create character, it will ask you set the secondary password (6-8 digits,)  do not forget what number you set .

ONCE IT LOCKED, we can not do rest .



* If you login to get this erro, it means game server Congestion or maintenance.  Try login later

 * if you get this erro screen .  try click "GAMESTART" from game site http://lostark.game.onstove.com/



ANY OTHER  trouble to login Lost ark game .


contact Email: [email protected]


Email 's Title write ( lost ark account can not login) , Description include 3 things :


1. order number of newgameway


2. Game ID, Password ( did you change password or not ?)


3. what erro on your computer? send the erro 's screen shot !


NewGameWay team will check your game account and fix it quickly



Game offical website: http://lostark.game.onstove.com/

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LOST ARK Verified Security Account UNLOCK RE-VERIFY

This item for security recharge 30 day account only. general account can not do unlock !