A:IR (Ascent Infinite Realm) (KOREA) How TO SIGN UP CLOSE BETA TEST 1
A:IR (Ascent Infinite Realm)(KOREA) How TO SIGN UP CLOSE BETA TEST 1 1. log in and buy account at 2. Get account details in MY ACCOUNT - ORDER - DETAILS . 3. log in game website
Black Desert Online (Korea) guide -how to start play
Black Desert (KR) guide -how to start play 1. open game site and click the picture to log in.
some times will ask you change a new password maybe , because IP changed You just need input current password: new password : re-new password and click left blue button to connfirm Or click the right button to skip the password change . more details to see screen:
Soul of Ultimate Nation(Korea) SUN coins
Hangame Coins transfer to Soul of Ultimate Nation coins