Pass through Chinese Apple ID verify info step to activate China Apple ID redeem feature, then you can use Chinese iTunes Gift card to top up cash for your account.

When you are living outside of China and want to download Apps or buy items in Chinese iTunes store, you can create China Apple ID or buy cheap China Apple ID from us. If it is the first time for you to redeem code for you Chinese Apple ID, please input Chinese ID, Chinese Name and Phone number to verify. Once pass through the verification, then you can redeem code. If you can't pass through the verification, ask help form us.

Please turn off your Apple ID two steps verification before asking us to activate redeem feature.

How does it work?

  • Please tell us your Chinese Apple ID and password. Then we will login your Apple ID to verify
  • Once done, then you can use the Redeem feature

Q: Will Apple ask me to activate again, when I swith back to my country region?

A: Yes, it will. We recommend you to create CN Apple ID specify for Chinese iTunes Store.

Q: Is this one time activatation?

A: Yeah, once activated, you can use CN iTunes gift card code. It won't ask you to reactivate again.

NOTE: leave your apply ID , password into message box when you place order