dragon ball online global voucher (DBOG Voucher) (50USD)


NewGameWay Just do middle man job .

The code deliver instantly .

Do not refund once code deliver.

Do not refund evenif game server closed or your game account was banned in the future.


Each Code value 50USD. for example you need 150 USD . Just buy "3" product, we will deliver "3 " codes

 After you paid and order status "complete", Click  "ORDER" -"DETAILS" to get code..

But some payment such like sofort . qiwi. webmoney 's orders complete will take abit longer. becuase the payment is not deposit instantly.

If you pay through Wechat. Alipay ,Dont forget to contact newgameway@gmail.com ,we need your order numbers and payment receipt to clear the payment then deliver.


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