LOST ARK Korea Phone Verified Account In Stock

Sunday, November 4, 2018


1. LOST ARK Korea Phone Verified Account( general)
IN STOCK NOW! buy at www.newgameway.com/lost-ark-phone-verified-account

If you paid with paypal , deliver instantly , click "order number" to get account infor page inside !

2. LOST ARK (Korea) Verified ACCOUNT (9.9USD)(sold before Oct.25th) all require re-verify. That account can not do re-verify.
So we will Replaced  one account .    replace one time only . if account need re-verify in the future, we do not help again .

Replaced Account will be re-deliver to your order number's page ! re-deliver time after server open NOV 7th - NOV 10th.

If you do not want to wait . just contact our email with your order number and paypal email(Title write lost ark refund) .
we would like to do full refund (paypal payment orders only),

other payment method orders can not do refund

3. Any new orders from NOV 7TH, account problem contact Email: NewGameWay@gmail.com
with your order number ,account INFOR and the erro screen shot . sothat we can fix quickly!

Game server open beta test time NOV 7th 2018.