Astellia Korea Verified Account

Astellia is a fantasy TCG MMORPG where players are invited to protect the lives of innocents as one of five character classes, and summon mythical creatures called Astels to help save the world. NewGameWay have the registered and verified Account instock!

Game offical website:

Game client download:

Item Agreement:




1. This astellia account can not do re-verify if game company require to do.


2. if account need re-verify in the first day ,we do replace a new account 


After one day, we will not responsible for any account's Issue


3. Account once deliver , Do not refund 


4 .We deliver Game ID, Password ,KSSN, you can change password


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LOST ARK KOREA Game offical website: NOTE:You must log in with Korean VPN- static IP , but do not use "exitlag vpn" exitlag node ips have been detected by STOVE, they will block account