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Bless Online Open Beta Customization and Armor Previews


I made a couple of new customization videos of the new character creation system for Bless Online along with creating my final character for the Open Beta. The new Masku race doesn't seem to have any faction specific armor previews and skin textures like the other races. I'm strongly leaning towards playing the cat race, either as Hieron Faction's Lupus or The Union's Panthera.



There are still two more races that has yet be implemented in the game or perhaps they got scrapped which were previously known as the Siren and Iblis race. They were supposed to come out during Open Beta, but I guess they went along with the furry midget race first. I was in rush to record the customization video below and it still took me 20minutes long to create. The picky players are probably going to spend an hour or so playing around with the customization features of the game. It's pretty good, it kind of reminds me of Black Desert's customization system with all the details and stuff. I ended up picking the wrong job, so I will have to remake my character again later, lol. The video is freshly uploaded, so you'll have to wait a bit for 1080p+ Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio Publisher: Neowiz Pmang Game Site: buy account at :

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