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Asker Online Blood the Deadly Vampire Scythe Gameplay

asker-online-newjob Neowiz Korea's Action MORPG Asker Online recently implemented a new character that I was interested in, so I went ahead and tested it out! It's been a long time since I've played a Male character that wields a Scythe! For some reason, over the past few years, all the Scythe characters end up as girls like Evie from Vindictus, Kritika's Yoran, Black Desert Online's Sorceress, Angela from Rusty Hearts, Soul Worker's Lily, and more. This new male scythe character now has a lot of waifus, lol.



Anyway, getting back on topic! The new character is pretty cool to play the game seems to have improved a bit since the Open Beta. The servers didn't seem all that popular though, starting to worry about the health of this Action MORPG! The game is currently available in Korea for now, I haven't really followed localization of this game, so I can't really update you guys on where it's going to be out next! If it's anything like before the first 25 levels of the game is rather easy, then it should become much more challenging later on with bosses one shotting and perhaps party wiping or almost wiping like in the video below.

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