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Tree of Savior Online Open Beta to Launch with 53 Playable Classes


Nexon and IMCGames Korea's Tree of Savior is going to have a total of 53 playable classes for the upcoming Open Beta next month. In addition to new classes, I also added some information about the guild features below.



Both the Korean and International version currently offers 44 playable classes! IMCGames originally had planned the game to have 80 different classes on with over 10 ranks, but decided to tone it down a bit and gave classes more skills instead. For the time a being the developers are planning on adding class Ranks up to 7 for the Open Beta test. I know it's really confusing for players who have never played the game, but bear with me. I made a small chart below using photochop! class-rank-steparu If they're planning on adding 2 classes for the each starting job, then that should total up to 52 classes and adding Templar which was revealed in the recent trailer doing agriculture stuff makes it 53. As can be seen in the movie scene regarding farming, it could be the case that a guild specializes their growth in agriculture. By specializing in agriculture, one is able to water plants, harvest the crops, and plant new seeds. Watering the plants raises the plants' water gauge, but be careful since giving too much water will kill the plant. gvg-war The field will be located within a guild headquarters, thus players who are interested in farming should consider joining a farming-centric guild. There are also specializations in industry and livestock domestication, and in the case of livestock domestication, it is possible to raise your own unique companion. Perhaps this is how players can obtain the special mounts shown in the video? templar-guild-agriculture Although the developers mention that there will be a total of 53 classes, no one in the recent interviews had bothered asking about the hidden classes of the game. I was mainly interested in playing the Japanese Shrine Maiden or Priestess class or the Shepherd Doge and Sheep class ;/. I do hope they add some unannounced hidden jobs for Open Beta! tos-launch-kr woooa Cute :3

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