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The War of Genesis 4: Spiral Genesis Open Beta in Korea

Softmax Co.,Ltd. announced that it has begun the open beta test in Korea for its ambitious new titleSpiral Genesis.

Spiral Genesis is the newest and first MMORPG in the War of Genesis series. Beginning with its first game in 1995, six PC titles along with various platforms and spinoffs have been released in the series, and it remains a key IP in Softmax's tradition. In spite of Korea being almost a wasteland at the time, the PC series reached over one million copies in accumulated sales in the Korean market, and on the mobile platform, it has left its legendary trace on Korean gaming history with over 2.3 million downloads in Korea and Japan combined.

In addition, over 100,000 users have applied for each of the two CBTs of Spiral Genesis and around 100,000 users participated in the early avatar name creation event, reflecting the enthusiastic level of interest in the game.

Spiral Genesis is currently only serviced in Korea but is expected to be released overseas in the near future after selecting an overseas publisher and localizing the game content.

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