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Sell on site is the service we provide to whom want to sell their accounts and to whom want to buy played accounts.


How it works:


1.Seller input the description of the account for sale.Picture is needed,check the size(under 500 kb) and format of the picture.


  Note:(1) please erase the character name on the picture to avoid scaming


            (2) More Detail is better and DO NOT take the screen shot with items not including


            (3) Uplaod is abit slow maybe, wait untill upload complete , then click confirm.


2.Newgameway audit the description of the account and put them on shelves.


3.Buyer make orders and pay for the accounts.


4.Newgameway ask for the account info BY EMAIL: [email protected]


  Note:[email protected] is the VIA email ONLY.check the email address before give out your account.

Do not trust any on in game. we will never ask you trade in game !


5.24 HOURS after the buyer confirm the account is alright or 48 hours after we send the account info to buyer,fund will pay for the seller.


How much we charge


1.Newgameway will take 20% of the price as the agency fees.


2.Paypal will charge 5% of the price when buyer pay for the'll be taken from the fund we sent to the seller.


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