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Blade & Soul is a martial arts fantasy MMORPG developed by NCsoft's Team Bloodlust studio. The game has stylish art style and character designs from famed artist Hyung-tae Kim, and will feature lush environments, a fascinating story about revenge, and instense console style combat. Blade & Soul KR started with pay to pay mondel in 2012, after 4 years,NCsoft changed the mode. Blade & Soul KR decided to turn into free to play on 14th December 2016.

How to Discarding Purple Items of Blade and soul

    If you want to destroy a purple item you have to type:   "wlrmaqnsgo"   If you want to discard it from your inventory   "wlrmacjqns "   (with korean keyboard of course)  more2013-03-26 23:32:04


Blade&Soul: Max Level Up to 45, Create Character for Free

  Blade&Soul(KR) will release its first update on Jul.13th. In the update, a new area named Su-wol plain will be open and the maximum level cap is up from the original 36 to 45. The revenge story of the hero is about to begin, added with the new copy and new clothing. Another good news is that players can experience the customizing system for free, it means that you can create your character on your will and the character will still be available when you pay the fees. At the same time, Blade and Soul (KR) launches a new charging method , we charge $13.99 for 30 hours play time buy account and timecard here more2012-07-11 23:08:06


How to delete Blade and Soul(KR) character

This guide for how to delete blade&soul character in game follow the steps below: 1. install korean language pack , add "Microsoft  IME " from your windows language system   2.log in game character choose page, click the butten "캐릭터 삭제" right side below It will ask you fill korean word “삭제신청”   3. "Shift+Alt"  choose korean language and  Type keyboard " tkrwptlscjd "     tkr=삭 wp=제 tls=신 cjd=청   ok. charcter will be deleted after 5 mins more2012-06-27 17:47:09


Blade&Soul How to start game

install game clinet at first client download : Log in offical site click the picture to start game  more2012-06-16 13:02:05