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MelOn is a South Korean online music store. Only verified MelOn account can buy plan to listen and download songs. So if you want to download and listen songs on MelOn, you need to have one verified MelOn account first. if you want to listen and download songs, buy package extra

Buy melon Verified Account on  

melon Official website

NOTE:1.  This is a regsitered and verified melon clean account. 

This account does not include listen , download songs package.

2.we can't verify the Melon account that regsitered by you self. 

3. Some Account can not do vote .  

If you want an account 100% can do vote , price expensive , you should contact  [email protected] before buy



if you want to listen and download songs, buy package at:


**Melon changed rules again on March 5. If your account detected by Melon system as logged exception. Your account will be locked. Once locked, it will ask you to verify phone number or iPin. If locked, we don't responsible for it. Please consider again before place order. So please don't change network/IP or device to login your Melon account. 


**Some accounts we can unlock, some not. If we can unlock your Melon account successfully, we charge $3.99. If not, no extra fee.

any questions contact email [email protected]


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Buy melon package ,you can easy to listen and download music to support your idols.